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This is an interesting tour that takes you to places that forms part of the Botswana history and the greater Gaborone. Some of the places are centers for arts and crafts and tourists are free to buy local artifacts that are of high quality and take with them to their native countries.

Thapong Visual Art: the center is housed in the historic building that was originally the residence of the Colonial Assistant Resident Commissioner in the 1940s. The building was constructed in the 1930s and was renovated in 1998.It is used as a networking center for local artists through exhibition and workshop since 1998. Setleketleke (Ngotwane Suspension Bridge): This suspension bridge was a symbol of communication in the early 20th century. Built in the 1930s, it was the only bridge to cross the Ngotwane River. The old village Prisons: Built in 1940s, the main oldest structures were originally a post office and later incorporated as part of the prison cells. This structure is currently being used as storage facility by virtue of its historical significance by the Prison department.

Botanical Garden: Located in Gaborone opposite the Gaborone Club, the Botanical Garden is a must visit for everyone with great interest of nature. Sir Seretse Khama Statue: Sculptured by the British artist Norman Pearce, the statue of the first president of the Republic of Botswana stands at the core of the national assembly. It was unveiled by the second president of this country Sir Ketumile Masire on the 20th anniversary of independence in 1986.”Human dignity, like justice and freedom, is the common heritage of all men”

Parliament Grounds : As the ground is paved square with a war memorial in memory of the 300 Batswana who died fighting with the aliens against fascism in the second world war, 1939-1945

The Three Dikgosi Monuments: The philosophy of this site as manifest on the monument itself rests on the six pillars of refuge, Heroism, Global Responsibility, Endurance and independence which support the Three Dikgosi in the center. The monument was unveiled in 2005.

Botswana Craft Center: the craft center is located at the Broadhurst industrial estate north of the city of Gaborone. The complex started as a light industrial hub, but was converted when it was acquired by a private entrepreneur. It is a social rendezvous where many residents and visitors are normally found enjoying coffee and light snacks. The crafts that are for sale are both local and from other parts of the region.

DAVID LIVINGSTONE MEMORIAL: situated along Kolobeng River, this site is the ruin of David Livingstone’s house and mission church built in the 1880’s.These is an important trail of the legendary David Livingstone It also has the grave of his daughter. Livingstone’s missionary work among the Bakwena people began with the establishment of Kolobeng Mission Station in 1847, it is also here that his famous journey into the wilderness and the interiors of Southern Africa started.

GABANE POTTERY: Produces exclusive traditional pottery such as pots jars lidded containers, teapots, mugs and candlesticks. The styles and deco designs on pottery produced at this place are native to the local people

Mogonye Gorges: Several gorges found in the hills around Mogonye village form part of the Gaborone Dam Catchment area, Mmamotshwane Gorge been the most outstanding. Some gentle waterfalls and pools found in Mmamotshwane gorge support many plants and animal species. Several myths and stories of creatures of the spiritual world associated with the gorge will make your visit interesting.

LENTSWE LA BARATANI (Lovers Hills): There are many tales associated. Local people consider it as a scared hill. The legend of the Lentswe La Baratani is a famous romantic epic of two young lovers set in the traditional village of Odi. The tale climaxes with the disappearance of the two lovers in to the hill in protest of the denouncement of their will to marry each other.

MANYELANONG VULTURE SANCTUARY: A small reserve protecting a breeding colony of endangered Cape Vultures. Manyelanong Game reserve was established in 1986 to

protect vultures which nestle in the cliffs of the hills. Manyelanong means where vultures defecate.


Kobokwe caves are located near Tsweyane Kloof. David Livingstone defied local myth that the cave must be avoided because it was believed to be inhabited by evil spirits.

MANYANA ROCK PANTINGS: Rock paintings are rare in southeast Botswana, and this is the best surviving site. Late Stone Age hunters, probably the ancestors of the local basarwa, camped here about 2000 years ago. Red and Black pigmentation paintings found here are schematic and crude profiles of antelopes, Rhino, Giraffe and humans. Here we will also get a chance to meet the Botswana people and learn their lifestyles and cultures.

THAMAGA VILLAGE POTTERY: This begun as a rural development project in 1970’s, founded by the Thamaga peole with the help of Roman Catholic Missionary and named it Botswelelo Centre. Its aim was and still is to create employment for the locals particularly women. The style and decorative designs on the pottery produced at this place are native to the local people, and their products are microwave, oven and dishwasher safe.

MATSIENG: Matsieng is one of the sites that could be refered to as “ Creation Sites” This site is on a flat outcrop of sandstone, which extends over an area of about 100 by 80 meters.A giant footprint embedded on the sedimentary rocks. Matsieng engravings display mostly animal tracks and human foot prints. Most human footprints are between 120 and 290 millimetres, with one giant sized exception at 340 millimetres. There are some fascinating tales associated with this site.

MOCHUDI VILLAGE: This is home of Bakgatla tribe and the Phuthadikubo Museum, the museum houses a fascinating collection of old photographs of Botswana and is one of the earliest community-based museum in the country.

OODI WEAVERS: Lentswe la Oodi began as a cooperative to empower Batswana women make tapestries, tablecloths, placemats etc. A tour around the workshop may entice you purchase some of these works.

MOKOLODI NATURE RESERVE: Enjoy a guided drive in any one of these nature reserves and view animals in their natural environment. Here we you can also do bush braai, rhino walk, Cheeter visit, visit the snake park, enjoy your meals from their restaurant, etc.

GABORONE GAME RESERVE: Although small, just 60 hectares, the Gaborone Game Reserve is now the third busiest park in the whole of Botswana, providing a very popular venue for bustle-weary city residents to unwind in.

NATIONAL MUSEUM AND ART GALLERY: The Department of National Museum and Monuments (BNMM), also known as the Botswana National Museum is located in the centre of Gaborone. Established by the National Museum and Art Gallery Act of 1967, opened in 1968 the national Museum is a treasure trove of historical, natural and cultural history. It is currently under the Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and National Parks. Botswana National Museum currently houses a collection of over 8000 ethnographic artifacts which represent cultures from across Botswana and Africa. The historical collection stands at 3284 items.

Please note that there are more places of interest, upon booking we shall discuss your interests and schedule your visits around them. This is only a guideline of places available, it does not imply we will visit all sites on a single tour.


Full day tour @ P1, 232.00 each (SADC REGION CLIENTS)

Full day tour @ USD 200.00 each (INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS)

Full day Tours are inclusive of snacks and lunch only, and requires a minimum of 4 pax



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